We are an Urban Yachting Tour Company.
Our mission is to expose people of color to the world of sailing.

Sail the world. One country at a time.

A week sailing. New friends. Epic Experiences.

1 - Inspire

Explore the U.S. & British Virgin Islands.

2 - Connect

Network with other working professionals.

3 - Grow

Learn how to sail and be about that yacht life.

Explore the Route

  • "All you need to do is just show up....and have a great fabulous time!" Urban Yacht Life Croatia Trip
  • "You just enjoy every moment...From the time when you get on your yacht...and being on a boat with an amazing team of people. " Urban Yacht Life Croatia Trip
  • "They took care of every little detail.  I didn't worry about anything." Urban Yacht Life Croatia Trip
  • "You'll meet amazing people, amazing food, amazing drinks...an amazing time." Urban Yacht Life Croatia Trip
  • "I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. Additionally, this trip has inspired me to travel more often and to more exotic destinations."  Urban Yacht Life Greece Trip